3D & 2D CAD Design

Mechanical Design for solid modelling and Electrical/Harness Design (3D & 2D) with own SolidWorks software license.

We can also help you achieve solutions for Packaging Design with our experience and know-how in product development.


Structural Analysis of metallic and composite materials based on FE and hand calculations. Certification reports are generated for final certification of the product.

We offer solutions to analize a whole range of problems from linear and non-linear static to eigenvalues, fracture mechanics, optimization, micromechanics, vibrations, buckling, CFD/FSI and dynamics by means of software latest versions in line with our customers' needs.

Composite Materials Advising/Expertise

We assess our clients along the entire product life cycle in all the relevant topics: sizing, material selection, failure criteria, structural analysis and repairs (for monolithic and sandwich panels), failure mode awareness, manufacturing and testing techniques to extract allowable values for certification.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing through Rep-Rap (Open source) technology by using a PRUSA Geeetech i3 Pro B printer, which allows a broad range of plastic materials (ABS, Nylon, PLA,...) as well as others like Wood with 0.2mm layer tolerance.

Requirements Management (V&V)

We know how to deal with High and Low Levels Requirements for traceability and compliance tasks iaw Aerospace Standards (SAE AR4754).

Verification and validation activities regarding the technical specification lead to the corresponding matrices extraction to present in further certification reporting following the main V-model guidelines. 

Cutting-Edge Software

We are proud with our commitment with innovation, which is always leading us toward the most sofisticated market tools.

Most up-to-date versions and software packages/suites help implement the optimal solutions required by our clients for CAD and FEA simulations.